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To All Caboolture Golf Club Members

Covid-19 has necessitated many changes to the way we have played golf this year. With the 3 Stage relaxation of restrictions that has been put into place by the Queensland Government we are be able to return to groups of 4 although  social distancing will still be required to be adhered to.

The Club staff have done a terrific job in setting up the course and the Proshop to comply with required playing and congregation conditions and the Members for the most part have adhered to these conditions and together that has allowed us to keep playing through this pandemic.

We have been extremely fortunate.

Moving forward now, an adjusted Fixtures Calendar has been implemented.

This will allow us to catch-up on some missed events (although in a changed format) and ensure that other important events are not forgone.

Unfortunately, the decision has been made to cancel for this year, some other events. We have made our decisions based on the best interests of the majority of the members. Some will be disappointed with our decisions, to those of you who are, we apologise.

Please refer to the attached revised “Fixtures Calendar 2020” for further details.

Once again, thank you all for your continued co-operation.

Gregg Peters – Match Director

Changes to 1st and 9th Holes – New Out of Bounds Area

An Out of Bounds area has been established due to the placement of the new buggy shed. Refer to Map

  • When you hit a ball OB you must add a penalty stroke to your score, then play another ball from the location of your previous stroke. (Rule 18.2b)
  • If you think you just hit a ball out of bounds, you can play a provisional ball from the same place the first one was played. Be sure to announce your intention to hit a provisional to your playing partners. (Rule 18-3)

We pride ourselves not only on our fine championship course and modern clubhouse, but also on our friendly country service that will make your experience at the club memorable no matter what you score.


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